Mini PC Monitor

Embedded PC N701, 7'' Embedded Industrial Panel PC with 10 Point Capacitive Touch. * Rugged Industrial Design with Aluminum Alloy Housing * NXP iMX6 DualLite ARM Cortex-A9 Processor * 1GB RAM DDR3, 8GB ROM * Support POE, WIFI, Bluetooth and 4G, CAN * Dual LAN, HDMI, COMx4, USBx3,...
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Mini PC Monitor

N701, 7'' Embedded Industrial Panel PC with 10 Point Capacitive Touch.

* Rugged Industrial Design with Aluminum Alloy Housing
* NXP iMX6 DualLite ARM Cortex-A9 Processor
* Support POE, WIFI, Bluetooth and 4G, CAN
* Dual LAN, HDMI, COMx4, USBx3, GPIOx10, CANx2


Mini PC Monitor Interface:


Mini PC Monitor Installation:


Mini PC Monitor Specification:

Mini PC Monitor Application:

Embedded PC has rich resouorce working to apply in different fields, eg. vehicle system, retail, portable medical device, Human-machine interface, intelligent industrial control system, electric power industry, catering and entertainment, port terminal, container freight, etc. Embedded PC is with high quality design, and widely used in Euro countries, US, Japan, etc.

PC-N701 Application

* A resistive touch screen uses a pressure sensor that can be touched by any object, even with a glove, and can be used for handwriting recognition.

* Purchasing, R&D and Production teams will undergo a flexible and high efficient working process, to ensure your specific needs and production-ready in a timely manner.

* Neway has developed LCD monitors to provide all kinds of information and entertainment for passengers, also to provide multiple technical information and operation platform for background supervisors.

* ISO9001,which is to certify that the our products are in conformity with GB/T9001-2008/ISO9001-2008 Quality management systems-Requirements.

* Q:Do you have Touch screen HMI Human Machine Interface?

A: Yes, Slim industral panel pc offers exceptional quality, long term availability and a standard warranty of 1 year, extending to 10.4” HD display 1024×768 

* Q:Can I contact you by WhatsApp?

A:Yes,my WhatsApp is +86 13159026097

* Q:What's your MOQ? Could I buy sample?

A:YES, sample is available.

* Q:What's Embedded panel PC Mobile data terminal use for?

A:These are mainly for installing on vehicle, like bus, truck, train, car, grain harvesters(agriculture vehicle) etc for fleet managment, disptach, industrial control, etc. But it's not like consuming tablet, customer bought it usually they must combine with their own software to reach their own application

* Q:What's your MDT application?

A:Our mobile data terminal are mainly for on-vehicles usage, and customer usually install their software on our hardware to achieve their own application, like fleet management, taxi dispatch, industrial control, etc.

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