Industrial PC - MCU & AI

- Mar 19, 2020-

In the embedded field, two chip groups with fundamental differences have emerged: MCU chips and AI chips. The former is an intelligent control chip that satisfies the tool intelligence (the control is better); the latter is a computing chip that satisfies the deep learning of the intelligent machine (the calculation is better). In the future, intelligent tools and intelligent machines will gradually be formed in the field of artificial intelligence.

The field of intelligent tools has matured. The field of intelligent machines relies on AI chips, neural networks, deep learning, and inter-cloud interaction to gradually advance into the field of artificial intelligence. The AI chip has various forms and is in the initial stage of development. Although some concepts are still negotiable, the original concepts of various embedded processors can no longer be inherited. The "AI chip" may be conventional.

At present, there is fierce competition in the field of AI chips, and it may be difficult to form a unified structural system for a while, but after gradually improving, as another recruit in the embedded field, AI and MCU will complement each other and performing each role in the field of artificial intelligence. They cannot be replaced by each other, and has different technological development directions. MCU and AI processors are used in different fields, both of which have huge development potential.