How To Distinguish Color Reproduction Ability

- Feb 20, 2020-

The color of liquid crystal displays has always been of concern. At present, many manufacturers have proposed two standards of 16.2M and 16.7M. 

These two standards can intuitively reflect the color reduction ability of liquid crystal displays. If the color requirements for LCD monitors are more stringent, products with 16.7M are the best choice. 

It is also necessary to learn how to distinguish a true 16.7M color LCD monitor.

Although for ordinary consumers, there is no ability to buy a professional instrument to test, but we can identify by the performance parameters of the LCD display. 

If the horizontal / vertical viewing angle of the LCD monitor reaches 170 degrees / 170 degrees or higher, then it can be basically concluded that this is a 16.7M color LCD monitor. 

It can also be distinguished by contrast and response time. When the contrast of a liquid crystal display is> = 700: 1 and the response time is <= 16ms, we can judge that it is a 16.7M color liquid crystal display.