19 Inch Monitor HDMI

KT19F-W: 19 inch Industrial Ultra Flat IP65 Monitor.-19", 1440x900, 16:9 Aspect Ratio Screen -Seamless Ultra Flat 3mm Front Panel in Aluminium Alloy -No Touch or Capacitive Touch -HDMI,VGA, DVI for Display, LAN act as USB for Touch -Back Case Fully Closed & Dust Free, Excellent Heat Dissipation -Compatible with Various Industrial System & Application
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19 inch Monitor HDMI

KT19F-W: 19 inch Industrial Ultra Flat IP65 Monitor.

* 19", 1440x900, 16:9 Aspect Ratio Screen

* Seamless Ultra Flat 3mm Front Panel in Aluminium Alloy 

* No Touch or Capacitive Touch 

* HDMI,VGA, DVI for Display, LAN act as USB for Touch

19 inch Monitor HDMI Features:

19 inch Monitor HDMI Specification:

升级二代 IP65铝合金显示器尺寸

19 inch Monitor HDMI Application:


* Outstanding performance and speed, optimized data interfaces, multimedia entertainment terminal, high integration capability, excellent stability, fully PC compatible plug&play

* If the product is damaged or lost in the transportation to the client:

1) NEWAY will negotiate with the shipping company. The client doe not need to assume

responsibility, but shall actively cooperate with NEWAY to collect evidence.

2) After NEWAY makes confirmation with the shipping company, NEWAY will send a brand new

product with the same model to the client and bear the freight.

* Q: What's your core value of your company?

A: Integrate into the society, the masses and the enterprises, for the purpose of creating green and environmentally-friendly technology life for all groups in the society, improving the value of national brand, as well as making certain contributions to our country and society based on innovative development and environmental protection in the future.

* Q:When is your company establish?

A: In 2005

* Q:What is your full hd panel size?

A:Capacitive touch, resistive touch, IR touch etc.

* When choosing the right industrial LCD screen and industrial touch screen, it needs to be determined according to the application environment of the product, the application population and the product market.

* The selection in the capacitive touch screen and the resistive touch screen is usually determined by cost, accuracy, damage resistance, environmental adaptability and the like.

* Ultra-thin tablet. The ultra-thin tablet integrates all the features of a regular computer in an ultra-thin case. At the same time, it has a friendly man-machine interface, which is especially suitable for applications in limited space. It provides state-of-the-art information terminal or computer platform solutions for POI, multimedia and medical applications. At the same time, due to the compact and ultra-thin design concept, users can choose flexible installation methods, which are compatible with panel type, wall-mounted type, VESA standard support arm, etc.

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